Women hair loss replacement

In the past, extensive hair loss for women was not an issue to be dealt with until quite an old age, and frankly it just was not something to bother about. Apparently, in the last couple of decades more women have begun loosing hair due to increased genetic inheritance, disease conditions, onset of menopause and various other case studies that were rarely seen previously. There is therefore an increasing need to proffer solutions that are both effective and long lasting.

UEC hair studio has through modern technology created hair loss solutions that absolutely resemble the natural appearing front hairlines with age appropriate density. We have devised how to create custom hair replacements that would accommodate the many desired styles that is typical of women. Our hair replacements blend in perfectly with your natural hair colour hence leaving no room for detection. A seamless finish is guaranteed between the natural hair and scalp and the treated hair and scalp.

Your custom made UEC hair replacement is created with 100% real human hair to give an undetectable natural look that can be styled to desired taste.Our hair replacements are absolutely convenient to have in all environments and conditions either at work, workouts, sports, hiking, swimming and much more. Our hair replacements are very well suitable to be blown, washed, combed, styled, sprayed, permed, bleached etc.They are light weight, are comfortable and easy to maintain. They will not shift out of alignment or fall off and will have the natural fall of your own hair.

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