Scalp Treatment

2-Steps Hair Treatment

Step 1: Removing dead skins 

Using lotion enriched with citrus oil and bergamont essence that can clarify and relax the scalp while preventing bacteria infection and irritation. Gently exfoliating and effectively promoting sebum secretion of scalp to restore to its healthy balance, keeps the scalp relieved with prolonged refreshing feel.

Step 2 : Cleansing, Disinfection, Restoration and Protection

Treatment care for sensitive scalps with our hair mask , a caring hair treatment that works to cleanse, disinfect, restore balance and soothe itchy, irritated scalps, providing protection to the scalp.

Helping to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, the hair mask utilises a Zinc Pyriothon Complex to delicately balance and soothe the scalp whilst fortifying thinning hair to help reduce hair loss. Itchy, flaky scalps feel calm and soothed, and hair looks noticeably thicker and healthier.

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