W: from 300+ onwards

M: from 800+ onwards

Full cap for patients doing through chemotherapthy

There are 2 types:

Machine made – from $300 onwards

Handmade – From $688 onwards

Top piece only for white hair or thinning of hair.

Our products are all orginated from Hong Kong.

We specialise in human hair replacement system, using real hair. So you can dye and perm, which enables you to be able to enjoy the benefits of going to a hair salon and be able to choose the hairstyle you like.

Real hair is done by our factory and needs to be treated.

Hair piece:

Our custom-made hair pieces used in hair replacement procedures are made with 100% natural hair, processed with high-temperature sterilization, deacidification, as well as anti-aging treatment (polymer chemistry technology).

Advanced biomimetic membranes and silk are used as the base material of our hair pieces, allowing your scalp to breathe. With the ventilation, your scalp will still feel cool even when you are perspiring.

The process:

A perfect hairpiece has to be tailored to the shape and size of the individual’s scalp, which varies from person to person.

First, we create a model based on the client’s scalp. Next, we identify the suitable hair type to match his or her own hair. The selected hair is then hand-woven onto lace, and attached by either tap, clip, or glue. There are no side effects.

The process is fuss-free, quick and comfortable. The hair piece blends naturally into the hairline, giving you a full head of natural-looking hair that feels as real as your own.

Yes, just like real hair, the colour will wear off after time due to sun, frequent washing of hair.

Do a hair analysis – based on your head size, area of hair loss, quality of hair, colour of hair, etc

understanding of your needs – your lifestyle, budget, hairstyle you like.
Recommend solution – Based on the above, we will propose the most suitable hair re-placement system what suits your needs

Implementation – using your hair analysis results, we will create a custom made hair piece and blend it naturally into your hairline with our experienced and skilled hair loss specialist.

1st consultation – do a hair analysis and understanding of your needs, proposing the solutions which suits you the best.

After choosing the recommended solution, we will measure your head size and send your measurement to create your custom made hair piece (which will take about 2 weeks)

Once your custom made hair piece is ready, we will arrange an appointment with you.

Appointment day (Fit Cut) – It will take 2-3 hrs to complete the fitting, looking your best with your desired hair style. Small session on hair replacement maintenance and styling, etc will be briefed by our hair loss specialists.

Follow up and servicing – Appointments will be pre-schedule for your follow up and servicing.

Make appointment or Call +65 6224 8307

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