Certification & Training


  • All our hair replacement specialist were previously hair stylists
  • They are adequately equipped with the fundamental knowledge and foundation of styling hair.
  • All hair replacement specialists employed at UEC are handpicked and selected after rounds of standard interviews and practical tests.
  • All our specialists have passed through months of training that ranges from the theory to the technical and to practical aspect of hair replacement.
  • All specialists understand and aware of the need to integrate premium hair styling techniques with being committed and dedicated in building strong relationships with clients.
  • They are all supervised and personally taught by our accredited and much sought after director with more than 30years of experience.
  • We have served over 5000 customers spanning over 20 countries – Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, Hong Kong, etc
  • Attended to Men and women of all ages (18 years old – 80 years old) with different occupations; businessmen, celebrities, professionals, managers, students, workers, etc
  • We have been able to customize unique hair pieces based on hair quality, hair color, hair thickness, hair wave, head shape and size, face shape and size
  • We have also been able to cover scars, white hair, area of hair loss (difference in thickness), and color


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