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UEC is a company whose goal is to provide hair replacement services and products to all and sundry. The existence of UEC is for the purpose of providing expert services and effective hair care products for the treatment of hair loss at affordable costs. This is a trademark that we hold dear and goes beyond the pages of this website
UEC sounds like “有意思” (in Cantonese) which means “Meaningful”. Hence we find meaning in meeting our clients at their point of their needs, which includes helping clients get back their hair, having their best looks and ultimately restoring their confidence. We pride ourselves in our ability to build lifelong relationships, to support, help, encourage and walk with every single one of our clients through this journey

Our company is run with the mandate of having every team member trained and experienced in the dynamic world of hair replacement therapy. We ensure that our team satisfies the ever increasing desires and needs of our clients. UEC hair studio is a well renowned hair replacement company that has earned itself a spot in the top ranks in the hair industry. After serving 5000 customers from over 18 countries, we are confident in our expertise and services rendered.

Our philosophy at UEC is to provide a one stop junction for all hair loss solution. We first seek to  your needs, concerns and problems and then advise, consult and walk together with you through each step of the hair replacement procedures. We place our clientele relationship on a high pedestal and do not believe in short term but in long term relationship. We build bonds and relationships as friends, consultants, specialists and advisors


  • To help all our clients suffering from hair loss problems overcome and achieve their utmost desire.
  • To achieve a natural hair look with their desired hairstyle which would be easy to maintain, just like real hair.
  • To treat all our clients to the best of our ability regardless of race, nationalities, age, gender.
  • A guarantee to help restore their natural look.

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